Empeon 2.3 Release Notes


  • Organization Portal – Released a new portal where organization level items (i.e. users etc.) will be managed (per organization)
    • To access the portal click on the icon found at the top right corner of the screen
    • Currently the Organization Portal contains the following items (more will follow with future releases):
      • A list of the organization’s companies
      • Users management
      • Security Roles management (will be available for clients in a future release)
    • Currently only User Admins (users who have permission to setup other users) have access to the Organization Portal
  • Users & Security Management – Released Empeon Workforce User & Security Management. Below are the main points:
    • Organization Portal - Users & Security is managed in the Organization Portal
    • Available for clients - User management is now available for clients to manage
    • User Admin Permissions - Implemented strict User Admin permissions (a User Admin is a user who has access to manage other users). For example, we don’t want to allow an admin of company A to add users to company B. Another example, a user should not be able to modify his own user access rights.
    • Employee vs. External User - Added the option of Employee user vs. an External user.
      • An “Employee” user is a user who’s also an employee (in any of the organization’s companies). An “External” user is a user who’s not an employee.
      • If Employee user is selected, the system requires you to select an employee from a list
      • Only Organization Admins and up can create or modify External users
    • Link User to Employee - Link Employee users to the corresponding employees. The objective is that the system should know that John Doe the user is John Doe the employee. This is needed for multiple reasons which will be published with future releases
    • Duplicate Users - The system no longer allows duplicate users. A user (email address) can be setup only once per Organization
    • User List - Published a rich Users list where User Admins can see and manage users


  • Tax Docs Security – Now a user will see Tax Docs only if he has access to see Tax Docs for all aggregated companies. You no longer need to block tax docs if you are doing so just for the purpose of cross company security
  • HR Job Info Card – The Job Info card is now date driven
  • Standard Reports Enhancements:
    • The reports list is now grouped by System Templates vs. Custom Reports
    • Standard Reports list is now sorted by alpha
  • Pay History Paystub Download – Now when downloading multiple paystubs at once it’s combined into one PDF file
  • Employee Import NYC/Yonkers Tax Handling – Now the system will edit the NYC/Yonkers tax only if the employee zip code changes
  • Payroll Process Status - Added username to the Payroll Processed status
  • Accruals Engine – The accruals engine has been enhanced to handle more accrual options and complex calculations

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where in some cases the Empeon Workforce Emails were going to spam
  • Live Reports Log Change now includes “inserts” (until now it only included edits and deletes)
  • Fixed bug where Standard Reports was sometimes only pulling process #1
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