Empeon 2.1 Release Notes


  • Preview Payroll all Batches - You can now preview all payroll batches at once from the main payroll screen (until now you had to go into the batch and preview each batch separately)
  • Accrual Transactions - Added an export option to the employee accrual card transactions, and enhanced the appearance


  • User Security -  Users can now be set up with access to multiple companies with different roles per company
  • User Registration Confirm Email  - Added a required Confirm Email field (to prevent typos)
  • Live Reports File Format - The Excel file format has been greatly improved (previously numbers and dates were not formatted properly)
  • Payroll DD and Check Count - Added Direct deposit and Live Checks count to the Total Net in the payroll process screen
  • Preprocess Exports -  If a precalc is needed, you are NOT able to click export (to prevent users from exporting partial data) 
  • CC Description In PDF Payroll Reports - Pre-process, Labor dist. etc. added CC code name (until now it only displayed the CC code)
  • PDF Payroll Reports Footer - Report footer now contains the page cost center
  • Memo Codes in PDF Payroll Reports - Now memo D&E codes  have an indicator showing that it's just a memo
  • Reports Name - You are now able to override report names of standard reports (when saving for the first time)
  • Payroll Reports Layout - Improved the payroll register, Labor dist, and pre-process report layout (previously, it would cut pages in the middle of an employee)
  • Manual Checks Bank Account List  - Save to VM batch, the bank account drop-down now displays the last 4 digits of the bank accounts
  • Payroll Audits -  Results now ignore memo earning codes

Bug Fixes:

  • Voiding a Check With Memo – Fixed a bug related to voiding a check with memo earning codes
  • Reports Display - Labor Distribution and Payroll Register, fixed a bug where sometimes hours or amount were cut off
  • Accrual Balance Display in Payroll - Payroll Entry accrual balances display, fixed a bug which caused in some scenarios to display wrong balances
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