Empeon 2.2 Release Notes


  • Managers – (New feature). Managers can be set up on the company level and then tied to employees (this feature will be built upon in many ways in future versions).
    • Managers are set up and maintained under Company > HR > Job Info > Managers
      • A manager must be an employee in the given company
      • You can’t delete a manager if the manager is tied to an employee
    • Employees are tied to a manager under People > HR > Job Info > Managed By
      • A manager cannot tie himself to himself
      • The “Managed By” is also displayed in the employee top summary (in People and Payroll)
    • Employees who are Managers have a “Manager” indicator near their name
    • Note: For clients with Custom Roles, the Company and People Job Info card would need to be added to the applicable roles in order for users to see these cards
  • Manual Checks - Check # Handling – The system now picks up the next check number.
    • The system will pick-up (and display) the next check number from the applicable company/system bank account
    • Once the manual check is saved to the VM batch, the system updates the company/system bank account to the next #
    • There is an option to "Override check number". When selected, the user is able to manually enter the check number, and the system will NOT update the company/system bank account next check #


  • Saving Manual Checks – Enhanced the bank account selection:
    • Only active paycheck Transfer Accounts are displayed and available for selection.
      • If the company has two active transfers, the one tied to paycheck code "Manual" will be the default account. Users can still override and select the other account
    • The last 4 digits of the bank account are displayed (in addition to the account description)
  • Accruals Used Amount Display - The used amount in the employee accruals card and live reports is now displayed as a positive number
  • Standard Reports Enhancements:
    • The method for downloading reports has been rebuilt so that large report don’t timeout
    • Running reports with only totals selected now query just the totals so it runs faster
    • The Labor Distribution PDF report has been rebuilt for better performance
    • Labor Distribution PDF now has an option to group and total by Job Code (in addition to CCs)
    • Enhanced the appearance (new logo, align text, etc.) of the following standard reports: Preprocess Register, Payroll Register, and Labor Distribution
    • Added the option to run Payroll Summary for multiple companies (at once) as one report
    • Reports now default to Private. This was done for both Standard and Live reports
    • Added the option to rename standard and live repots
    • Batch preprocess PDF now displays the batch code in the report header
  • Preview Payroll Enhancements – Enhanced the Preview Payroll (all batches) as follows:
    • Updated the sorting and default columns of the preprocess grids to take the batch code and calc order into account
    • Updated the sorting of the preprocess PDF register to take the batch code into account
  • Display Check Number in Pay Entry - For check type Manual and Reversal the check # is now displayed in the Pay Entry screen
  • Renamed the Job and Organization Cards – The “Job” card was renamed “Employment” and the “Organizing” card was renamed “Job Info”
  • Labor Distribution Export (formally 0046) – The report was enhanced to include Labor Dist. Tables. The report fields are now sorted (the report still needs further enhancements)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Added the following keyboard shortcuts:
    • crtl+right and left arrows to navigate between employees
    • ctrl+l to toggle employee lookup
    • ctrl+s to save a check

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where, in some cases, the sum under the employee accrual card Transaction was totaling with incorrect decimals
  • Memo codes now do NOT add to totals in payroll registers (post and pre) and Labor Dist. reports
  • Live Reports Taxable Wage Detail now displays the employee id and name
  • Live reports now have the option to bring in First Name, Last Name, and Middle Name columns
  • Handled max characters in the direct deposit name
  • Removed clone from the employee accruals card
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