Employee Additional Tax & Tax Override Setup

This article discuss how to setup an employee with additional tax withholdings, tax overrides, or blocking tax withholdings

  1. In the employee module, select the employee which you want to work with and navigate to the taxes tab
  2. Select the tax code which you want to work with.
  3. In the bottom of the screen under “Flat Amount”, enter the additional $ amount that the employee would like to withhold for this tax code.

The system will now withhold the tax amount based on the employee’s tax filing plus the additional amount entered. If the employee would rather withhold an additional %, then enter the additional % under the “Percentage” field.

If you would like to withhold just the flat amount or percentage (and have the system ignore the tax filing status), check-mark “Override Tax Calc”.

If you would like to block the withholding for the specific tax code (IE. If the employee files exempt on their W4), check-mark the “Override Tax calc” box and leave the Flat Amount and Percentage fields as 0.

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