NY Home Care Wage Survey Report Instructions

Follow the below steps to run the Survey report (please find corresponding screenshots at the end of the article). *Please Note: the report requires setup by ADS prior to being able to run it. Please contact to setup the report* 

  1. Navigate to Data Quiz
  2. Click on Reports
  3. Click on the + icon
  4. Find the “NYS Home Care Survey” report.
  5. Select the report and click OK
  6. Click on Properties to open the varies report setting options
  7. Under Date Selection select one of the prefixed date options or select “Override Dates” and manually select the check dates for which you want to run the report for
  8. Under Additional Options select Location Downstate or Upstate (this will affect the wage bands as listed on the Survey). The default is set to Downstate
  9. The report requires rates for overtime pay to be calculated based on the straight time of the OT pay. Therefore, if your overtime premium is paid in the same earning code as your OT pay, leave “Remove OT Premium” check marked so the system can base the rate on 2/3 of the OT rate paid. If your OT premium pay is paid in a separate earning code (common for companies who calculate weighted OT), remove the check mark
  10. The report can be filtered to include or exclude any number of Cost Centers, Departments, or Job Codes. Use Filter 1 Field and Filter 2 Field to indicate the filter. Use Filter 1 and Filter 2 to list the Codes of the departments or job codes you would like to filter the report by. Separating each code with a comma.
  11. Click “Preview” twice for the report to preview


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